Tokuko's 365 Days of Pep Talk for NMT

Tokuko's 365 Days of Pep Talk for NMT

When you have difficult moments, you may wonder why you are forsaken by the world, however, everything that happens in your life has a meaning. Remind you that your goal is not a complete recovery. The real goal is to not be swayed by sickness. Fulfill yourself by yourself always to find as much gratitude as possible and acquire the ability to truly live life so that you will see a path of happiness along the way you have walked when you look back.

【NOTICE TO READERS】***NMT (No Moisturizing Treatment) is scientifically proved with evidence in Japan for TSW (Topical Steroid Withdrawal) in 1994 by the advocate, Dr. Kenji Sato. The information here is provided by his approval. I have been supporting TSW sufferers as an experiencer on a non-profit basis.*** >>It is worth to try NMT for your TSW symptoms. There are already SO many sufferers who got well/improved all over the world to learn the protocol through my blog 'Tokuko's Room to Feel Uplifted' that has readers in more than 140 countries around the world. If you initiate it, please try to learn it VERY seriously with the blog above, 'NMT Education Group' /'The NMT Healed Club' on Facebook and this blog because there's no translated NMT books except in Japanese. You need to get over very tough process on NMT so your correct knowledge will be required to accomplish it. All healed people made efforts to learn it very hard so making a personal notebook to review is essential to acquire accurate knowledge. Also, in any situation, try to find a trustful doctor to avoid other sickness. The infection also should be diagnosed by doctors definitely and you need to take prescribed medicines immediately in case you get it to not prolong your symptoms.

As for supplements, Dr. Kenji Sato doesn't recommend them thinking about impure substances in them.
The checking process of products is way too easier than medicines.

I sometimes receive questions from parents if it is ok to give them supplements for children because they don't eat various food.

I always answer, 'Dr. Sato doesn't recommend Supplements and TCM (Tradditional Chinese Medicine) due to the reason above.  That is all I can do because I'm just an imformation provider.

However, although this is my opinion, if it is impossible to take nutrition from food for some reason, it may be fine to take something instead of eating.  As for that part, parents should make a decision Especially for children/babies, losing weight is dangerous sometimes so choice is yours with doctors' support, of course.  (However, please don't forget that you are doing 'NO MOISTURIZING' Treatment.  Your body needs to moisturize the skin by itself.)

Please understand that the answer is always 'To have a Balanced Meal' on NMT.  Please try to devise a cooking method, atmosphere, that children can eat various things. (I know it is difficult but parents can make it with deep love.😉💖

Good luck and hang in there. 
Healing happens to you too!

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The 3rd video of my YouTube channel 'Tokuko's Room' is ready for the English Subtitle!

This time, I explain, 'What Can Be Moisturizers on NMT?' from my experience to have learned NMT (No Moisturizing Treatment) at Hannan Chuo Hospital in Osaka, Japan.


For those who still can't get expected results though they started NMT...

For those who think that they are doing NMT strictly but feel as if getting worse...


Such people might not be doing NMT, moisturizing the skin without noticing.  Or sometimes I see people who mixed other methods misunderstanding that they were aggravated and are doing a different way from NMT.


To see this video, you'll understand what I mean to say, "Do it thoroughly."😉

Hang in there!

Healing happens to you too!

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I explained about the Treatment with ’a piece of gauze’’ on NMT (No Moisturizing Treatment)🥰.
If you hit the subtitle button (at the very bottom on the right), you can choose your language.

Since Japanese is a unique language, web translation is not very good but I'll make the subtitle in English so the better one is coming soon!💖💖💖

(Edited) The English Subtitle is Ready now!

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Anyone can't sleep tight during TSW so it happens very often unfortunatelly.

However, we have to understand that our condition is not normal and uncontrolable for the time being.

Please remember this.
Staying positive is part of NMT.

You can say, 'I was able to sleep 3 hrs last night though I woke up every 1 hr last month!'......Such state of mind makes your healing faster than complaining current uncontrolable situation.

If you can't sleep for 3 days at all, you'll pass out definitely (This is my😂).

Even if it was only for 1 hr, you can say, 'Thank goodness! I was able to sleep tight for 1 hr!!! Yes!!! I feel better!'

Try to find out blessings. Everything is for yourself. I know how tough it is, however, It will be resolved day by day on NMT.

Hang in there!
Healing happens to you too!

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To explain about healing process from TSW on NMT (No Moisturizing Treatment), I sometimes explain, 'After the repetition of Scratch and Dry, healing happens.' 
Repeating the action, your skin is getting stronger little by little.

Then, some readers ask me questions saying, "Do I have to scratch for healing?" doesn't mean you have to scratch or scratching helps the healing....
If you don't feel the itch, what a lucky person you are!  Just be happy!

Dr. Kenji Sato doesn't highly recommend to scratch...!  Itch is uncontrollable so he says, "It is ok to scratchHowever, the last scratch should be tenderly."  He fully knows about this sickness and that's why he allows to scratch.  And as you feel, his line can be a release for you because you do know it is impossible to control.
itch 396157

After you scratched, if you regret too much and feel down every time....Do you think it is good for you mentally?
Mental status affects your symptom so even if you scratched, you shouldn't regret.  It is not your fault so if you scratched, just say, "Oh...I've done it again!" and start to dry the part again.

Most of us feel the intense itch, especially at the completely dried stage on NMT, so stay positive even if you scratched until all crusts fall off with it.  You just start it over, I mean, dry the part again.  Don't worry about it.  I'm telling you that it is getting better after you repeated 'Scratch and Dry'.

Anyway, for your faster healing, please try to read articles of 'Tokuko's Room To Feel UpliftedTokuko's Room To Feel Uplifted (English Version) over and over again.  Some sufferers stop doing NMT with the dried stage misunderstanding that they got aggravated.  If you learned it seriously, you won't quit it right before healing happens. 

You shouldn't ask questions without reading well or learning hard.  You need to do it without NMT doctors' assistance there so who can help you with your healing?  Your knowledge is the only thing to help you.  You may be missing a lot of Dos and Dont's. 
Don't miss a thing for your faster healing!

Hang in there!
Healing happens to you too!

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