Tokuko's 365 Days of Pep Talk for NMT

Tokuko's 365 Days of Pep Talk for NMT

When you have difficult moments, you may wonder why you are forsaken by the world, however, everything that happens in your life has a meaning. Remind you that your goal is not a complete recovery. The real goal is to not be swayed by sickness. Fulfill yourself by yourself always to find as much gratitude as possible and acquire the ability to truly live life so that you will see a path of happiness along the way you have walked when you look back.

【NOTICE TO READERS】***NMT (No Moisturizing Treatment) is scientifically proved with evidence in Japan for TSW (Topical Steroid Withdrawal) in 1994 by the advocate, Dr. Kenji Sato. The information here is provided by his approval. I have been supporting TSW sufferers as an experiencer on a non-profit basis.*** >>It is worth to try NMT for your TSW symptoms. There are already SO many sufferers who got well/improved all over the world to learn the protocol through my blog 'Tokuko's Room to Feel Uplifted' that has readers in more than 150 countries around the world. If you initiate it, please try to learn it VERY seriously with the blog above, 'NMT Education Group' /'The NMT Healed Club' on Facebook and this blog because there's no translated NMT books except in Japanese. You need to get over very tough process on NMT so your correct knowledge will be required to accomplish it. All healed people made efforts to learn it very hard so making a personal notebook to review is essential to acquire accurate knowledge. Also, in any situation, try to find a trustful doctor to avoid other sickness. The infection also should be diagnosed by doctors definitely and you need to take prescribed medicines immediately in case you get it to not prolong your symptoms.

A lot of parents misunderstand that NMT doesn't allow taking a bath/shower for more than 1 month at least though I have never explained like that and of course, there's no such instruction in Dr. Kenji Sato's protocol.
And some of them sometimes announce that their child got infected or got aggravated due to NMT...
Also, a lot of parents say, "Water restriction is dangerous!  So NMT is not good for children/babies!"...but  I clearly state that water restriction is not for 6 and under in the basic info. 
Of course, even in adults, sufferers intake a medically proven safe level of quantity and it is very effective for TSW (Topical Steroid Withdrawal) as evidenced by NMT's more than 30 years of great results.

There are a lot of parents who are doing NMT for their children but some of them are trying to get info asking which moisturizer is good or if the bath additive that they use would work, etc...on SNS.
NMT is the treatment to not apply anything to the skin and to avoid any moisturizing act too.  This is the basic knowledge of NMT. (There are a few exceptions.) 

Some parents get depressed saying that they tried NMT but didn't see any improvement though it has passed 5 days or 1 week or whatever...
They need to think about the period of skin cell turnover at least.

Well, these topics above are some examples of why I keep telling everyone to learn NMT from the source first to get the correct knowledge.  (See the source info at the bottom)  
I'm pretty sure that parents who accomplished NMT successfully can answer correctly regarding the incorrect NMT info above because ALL of them learned it very seriously.


If parents consider initiating NMT, they need to learn it VERY seriously because most of them have to accomplish it without NMT doctors' direct support.  For children's faster healing, each parent has to become a master of NMT thinking about the current world's situation, meaning most of us can't meet doctors who can support without steroids.  

I don't recommend starting NMT without learning it very seriously.
Please imagine.  Medical students spend many years becoming doctors in college, meaning they make unfathomable efforts
Dr. Kenji Sato recognized TSW a long time ago and has been providing NMT for more than 3 decades
His wife, Dr. Mitsuko Satou who is a pediatrician also has been providing non-steroidal treatment for almost 3 decades
...It's not hard to imagine that it will take a lot of effort for parents, as non-professionals, to achieve NMT without the support of the NMT doctors.
Learning medicine is not simple or easy.

Finding only a little information on social media and starting NMT is not a sound choice.
Please don't take an action immediately trusting incorrect info without making sure because your wish is to heal your child/baby as soon as possible...right?

Once you made a decision to initiate NMT, you have to get correct knowledge because parents are the only ones to protect their little ones. 
You should obtain medical info from reliable ones but not from rumors or personal experiences only. 

I started to share NMT protocol in 2017 with TSW sufferers in the world since I have experienced horrible TSW on the entire body after using the strongest topical steroids for 52 years, and was healed with NMT in 3 months miraculously.  To be precise, it was not a miracle because ALL other inpatients also have cured/improved within 3 months on NMT.
I got approval to share it worldwide from the advocate, Dr. Kenji Sato, and he has been assisting me in reviewing them to not provide incorrect 'medical info' for the sufferers' faster healing on a non-profit basis.  So I have been providing the correct NMT info in the source.

22547240Since a lot of TSW sufferers who tried NMT through the info that I provided got well/improved amazingly fast all over the world, it spread VERY rapidly worldwide
Nowadays, you can see NMT info here and there and it is REALLY wonderful because there is no perfect method for TSW so far, however, we see much incorrect NMT info that may prolong the symptoms too.  Since NMT spread worldwide, we can't catch up with all incorrect info so I keep telling sufferers/caregivers to learn NMT from the source, here and there.

Sufferers who experienced the miracles of NMT share their personal journeys on SNS or some other media because they also want to help you but their explained personal experiences also are misunderstood as a part of NMT protocol.  Sometimes it is dangerous because NMT is medical info.

Frequent washing and using soap (especially liquid soap) are not very good because you shouldn't wash off normal bacterial flora (natural bacteria/indigenous bacterium in the skin), natural moisturizers, sebum, etc...that are necessary for healing, but at the same time, hygiene must be taken into consideration to avoid infections

Making a decision of frequency of taking a bath/shower is very difficult but each parent needs to decide it by themselves seeing kid's symptoms as long as you do NMT since it is hard to get appropriate non-steroidal treatment from doctors in any country in the current world's situation.  
The only advice I can give you is to finish it as quickly as possible.  10 sec?  1 min?  That's good enough in my opinion.  You just need to understand that the main reason for taking a shower is to avoid infections.

If you'd like to clean the area around your baby's mouth after eating, tap it very gently with a wet clean cotton gauze, and right after that, gently absorb the water with a dried clean gauze to dry it.  (In my experience, drying should be done immediately and completely.)
It is also strongly recommended to wash new dried gauze once (washing with tap water is okay) and dry it in advance to avoid irritation from the gauze.

Again, sharing NMT is wonderful but some of the personal experiences are not clarified that they are not parts of NMT but their own experience.  To not prolong the symptoms, you need to learn NMT from the source to understand the concept first and to learn the do's and don'ts of NMT.
Please remind yourself that it is impossible to understand the protocol just by reading a few pages.

Also, NMT stands for No Moisturizing Treatment and not 'moisturizer' or 'moisture' or 'therapy', etc...  Please remember the correct name.  It is VERY important because many of them who need this can't reach the source info with incorrect names
NMT is the treatment not only avoiding applying moisturizers to the skin but avoiding any 'moisturizing' acts thoroughly.  Incorrect names give different impressions though avoiding any moisturizing acts completely is VERY important for sufferers' faster healing.  Again, this is called No Moisturizing Treatment.  

NMT has been showing excellent results for more than 3 decades in Japan.  It just has been taking time to spread due to social circumstances. 
Successfully healed sufferers and their caregivers can educate doctors little by little to change the world's situation that is unable to choose non-steroidal treatment.

Anyway, the choice is yours but to accomplish NMT, your strong determination, perseverance and correct knowledge are important and they will help you and your children.

Hang in there!  Healing happens to your baby/child too!

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-How To Learn Correct NMT-
Please visit below sites and be a master of NMT!

<<Non-Profit Organizations>>
Tokuko's Room (YouTube)
To learn the basic protocol of NMT. I'm adding ENGLISH and JAPANESE subtitles one by one but working on Medical translations takes time so the latest status of completion is at the bottom of each video in the explanation column. Some are translated into SPANISH to. Tokuko's Room (YouTube Channel)
<Must-See☟> You can see NMT's concept with this video.
It's Ok To Let Your Child Or Baby Scratch Freely! English version
Está bien dejar que su bebé o niño se ditrasque libremente!
Versión en español  掻かせても大丈夫 Japanese version

The Mix List of Dr. Mitsuko Satou's YouTube
To learn babies' and children's NMT from the super pediatrician who has been showing great results without prescribing steroids for about 3 decades. Adding English and Spanish subtitles one by one. Completion status is at the bottom of the video in the explanation column.
Dr. Mitsuko Satou's YouTube (NMT pediatrician)
-THE TABLE OF CONTENTS- Vol. 1 Say 'No!' to Steroids - Prologue Vol. 2 Tips for Curing Atopic Dermatitis in Babies and Children Vol. 3 Habit of Sleeping in Separate Rooms Vol. 4 Let Them Scratch Freely - 1 Vol. 5 Let Them Scratch Freely - 2 Vol. 6 Take Care of Children Looking at Their Eyes Vol. 7 Feeding - 1 (Breast milk or formula one? - 1) Vol. 8 Feeding - 2 (Breast milk or formula one? - 2) Vol. 9 Feeding - 3 (When do you start baby food?) Vol. 10 Feeding - 4 (Babies also need flavor.) Vol. 11 Feeding - 5 (How much should babies eat?) Vol. 12 Feeding - 6 (Tips to let kids eat) Vol. 13 Work out, Play and Build up bodies

Tokuko's Room To Feel Uplifted
The Blog to learn the Basic Knowledge For Adults and Children/Babies  
Tokuko's Room To Feel Uplifted (English version)

Must-Read For Adults and Children/Babies

How to get over TSW asap!
  (There are other language versions at the bottom of this article.)

What can be Moisturizers? - For Fellows Launching No Moisturizing Treatment

What Would Happen After You Recovered from TSW? How Your Atopic Dermatitis/Eczema Would Heal?

Must-Read For Children/Babies

The Key Tips of NMT For Babies and Children

Healing Happens For Kids and Babies with NMT

A Message for the Parents with Atopic Dermatitis Children, From A Used-To-Be Mummy Baby

Tokuko’s 365 Days of Pep Talk for NMT
The blog in English: 
Tokuko’s advice for sufferers to learn and accomplish NMT.


Tokuko's 365 Days of Pep Talk for NMT

NMT Education Group (Facebook) 

The Official GP to learn NMT protocol on Facebook 

NMT Education Group

This group is designed for self-study of NMT protocol instead of NMT books.  Highly recommend revisiting and reviewing posts over and over again to master NMT.  Not for open discussions.

*Please answer 3 questions to join.  To protect group members, we need your agreement.


The NMT Healed Club (Facebook)

The official GP to learn healing process on NMT visually on Facebook seeing Before & After pictures.

The NMT Healed Club (Facebook)

This group is established for learning purpose of healing process on NMT visually on Facebook seeing Before & After pictures.  They also will encourage you definitely.

*Please answer 3 questions to join.  Without your agreement, admins have to disapprove of your request because we need to provide a safe place for members.

Tokuko’s Room To Feel Uplifted – Facebook (Facebook)

‘Read Only’ page including lecture meetings’ info on Facebook.


Tokuko's Room To Feel Uplifted - Facebook (Read-only)


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The skin needs to heal generating healthy new skin underneath scabs/crusts.  So sufferers need to leave them alone until they fall off because scabs/crusts protect your healthy skin until it will be ready to come up to the surface.

woman_surpriseIf you repeat to remove them, the skin has to generate them again and again to protect the skin and your body will scream due to insufficiency of protein.  Scabs, new skin, hair, etc...are made from protein.  
Removing crusts/scabs is very dangerous but without knowing it before NMT, I took a bath very often and it caused severe hypoalbuminemia after all. The lack of protein in my body was at a life-threatening level.  And the reason of your unbearable fatigue during TSW (Topical Steroid Withdrawal) may be from the action to peel them off continuously.  So I highly recommend not removing them. 

If you are interested in the healing process on NMT, please join The NMT Healed Club on Facebook.  A lot of successful NMT experiencers post their Before and After pics there. It will encourage you mentally too.
The NMT Healed Club (Facebook)

Hang in there. Healing happens to you too!

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I see the question subjected above very often though I have explained it often in 'Must-Read' column in NMT official sites.

First, there is no 'perfect method' to heal Atopic Dermatitis in the world.  If it got well in a short time with a miracle cream, you have to be ready for the side effects from it in the future.

For your further understandings, let me add two important articles that are supposed to read before initiating NMT. 

💗"What would happen after you recovered from TSW? How your Atopic Dermatitis/Eczema would heal?"
What would happen after you recovered from TSW? How your Atopic Dermatitis/Eczema would heal

💗"Like an Actress…"
Like an Actress...



For sufferers who try to initiate NMT, I highly recommend learning everything from the source first because it is medical information. (The advocate, Dr. Kenji Sato reviews everything on the source as much as possible for the world's sufferers on a non-profit basis.)

The source info (including official sites):

NMT Education Group (Facebook official site. To learn the protocol.)
NMT Education Group

The NMT Healed Club (Facebook official site. To learn the process with before and after pics and it's for encouragement too.)
The NMT Healed Club

Tokuko's Room To Feel Uplifted (A blog to learn the protocol)
Tokuko's Room To Feel Uplifted (English Version)

Tokuko's 365 Days of Pep Talk for NMT (This blog: To get advice and encouragement)
Tokuko's 365 Days of Pep Talk for NMT

Tokuko's Room (YouTube: To learn the protocol)
Tokuko's Room (YouTube channel)

😊Nowadays, a lot of successful NMT practitioners share their experiences on SNSs and it is wonderful to pay it forward.  However, their personal experiences also are regarded as a part of NMT protocol.  If you follow the incorrect info, you may prolong your healing so please go to the source sites and learn it seriously there first.
The 2 articles above also are in the 'RECOMMENDED POSTS IN ENGLISH' column on my blog so NMT practitioners are supposed to read them too first.

😊NMT is the protocol to activate natural healing power.  You will be required the strong determination and perseverance because the process is VERY tough.  However, if you keep doing it, the skin starts to generate moisturizers and sebum 'little by little', I mean, your skin is getting stronger.

😊Please go to one of my blog articles, 'How to Get Over TSW asap'
How to get over TSW asap!

You can see pics of my fingers with horrible symptoms at the very bottom of it but since my skin is getting stronger year by year, I don't need to put on moisturizers or medicines anymore (for 8 years) though I repeated the symptoms for 52 years in the past before NMT.

The choice is always yours. I just keep sharing one of the helpful protocols for sufferers who need it.

Wishing your healing happens soon!

Copyright © 2021 Tokuko Abfab All Rights Reserved.

Where is the Guidance of NMT?


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I recommend to follow the protocol strictly for faster healing as long as you do NMT (No Moisturizing Treatment) but at the same time, I know it is very difficult to do it thoroughly at home.  Everybody has cases and situations.

If you practice it at home, just be careful to not do NMT's 'don'ts' in parallel since it prolongs the healing.  So to not waste your time or to not have unexpected results, I keep recommending to learn NMT from the source first.
Where is the Guidance of NMT?

179906Nowadays, so many people share their experiences of NMT worldwide and it is a wonderful thing for sufferers who are looking for a helpful treatment for TSW.  However, NMT doctors and I find incorrect information that prolongs healing very often.  They explain their personal experience too in their blogs/YouTube and it also tends to be regarded as a part of NMT.  It is our big concern.  
I'm providing medical information so it should be accurate/correct so Dr. Kenji Sato has been reviewing it to not have incorrect information for sufferers all over the world.  So, again, please learn it from the source first.  We don't want you to practice things that are not good for faster healing.
Where is the Guidance of NMT?

For example, as for applying moisturizers, sometimes it may be necessary for the person due to his/her work environment.  I don't recommend doing it since it prolongs healing but I always say, "The choice is yours." when I'm asked if it is ok to moisturize the skin.

You just need to understand that NMT is the treatment to activate natural healing power and it helps to generate sebum and natural moisturizers.  If you applied moisturizers, the action obstructs natural healing process.  Still, it gets well in the long run but takes a longer time.  
What I'd like to say is, since everybody has different circumstances, you can make a decision if you'd like to take 'faster healing' or 'work environment' and some other situations.  The choice of life is up to you.

Hang in there!  Healing happens to you too!

Copyright © 2021 Tokuko Abfab All Rights Reserved.


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"Am I right on the track?"
I often re1154761ceive the question subjected above with pictures of their symptoms from TSW (Topical Steroid Withdrawal) sufferers and caregivers all over the wrold.

I totally understand their anxiety because most of them are doing NMT (No Moisturizing Treatment) without NMT doctors there and there's nowhere to make it sure. Especially, for parents who are struggling against children's/babies' TSW, it is natural to become anxious and they tend to alternate between hope and despair seeing transitional symptoms.

Since I'm not a medical profession, can't provide medical advice to anyone, or can't respond everyone in the world (though I have been trying to do it as much as possible...!), however, there's one thing in common among such questions so I'd like to explain here again as an answer.

t the dried stage, most of sufferers/caregivers are worried very much to misunderstand that it got aggravated because sufferers definitely have intense itch and the skin covered with crusts all over doesn't look good. The appearance may be the worst in the phase but completely dried skin is the beginning of the healing but not aggravation.

The sufferers who experienced NMT tend to express,
"It gets worse once on NMT." and I also explain, "Before healing, you feel like it got aggravated to have intense itch and to see the bad appearance of the dried skin." usually, but to be exact, "It started to heal." This understanding is VERY important.

Please remember my explanation of TSW on NMT.
'After the skin dried completely, healing happens. As long as you don't have infections and other sicknesses or not in the special conditions such as pregnancy, please keep air-drying on NMT.'
I explained this many times here and there.
Some sufferers panic with the symptoms, but if you have read these lines above, you don't need to. They are the guide to whether you are heading in the right direction. 

604640Check if the skin is completely dried. If I saw my completely dried ugly skin during TSW, I'd say, 'Wow! Healing started finally!! Yeaaaahhhh!'😍
If you saw it, be happy. It's the sign! (***Your trustful doctor's support is essential in any situation. There are sicknesses that only doctors can find and we have to utilize their knowledge.)

During the dry phase, sufferers/parents tend to start the moisturizing acts due to anxiety, which causes the symptoms to start over. Healing is not linear so you or your baby/child would scratch over and over again in the dry stage but that's not at a controlable level. Itching is bone-deep and very strong. You need to understand that
it is an itchy sickness. Even if you or they scratches it, just air-dry.

So caregivers, please
don't get upset or stare at them while they are scratching to consider their mental status that affects their symptoms and let them air-dry after scratched.
Cut and fine nails often. You can try to let them avoid contact with dirty objects (such as sandboxes, etc...) to avoid frequent showers and hand washing. There are many other things that kids can enjoy. Either way, parents' perseverance is required for kids' healing.

don't regret after you scratched or even after scratched off all generated crusts. Just
laugh saying, "Oh...I've done it again! Ha ha ha!!!" And just keep air-drying.

Don't expect 'perfect' or '100%' in any situation.💗

678692Again, I have already experienced things above over and over,and here and there🥰. If you'd like to try NMT, please
learn it from the source so that you don't need to worry too much.
(My blogs, NMT Education Group, The NMT Healed Club and my YouTube 'Tokuko's Room')

Your knowledge will be the biggest supporter in this current world situation.
Be a master of NMT.

Hang in there!
Healing happens to you and your kids too!

Where is the Guidance of NMT?

Copyright © 2021 Tokuko Abfab All Rights Reserved.

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