If you would like to learn NMT, you need to be determined to learn and master it on your own because you are going to do it without NMT doctors there (except for living in Japana).

All successful sufferers with NMT made efforts to 
read provided information very seriously taking time from the source (my blog, 'Tokuko's Room To Feel Uplifted' and this blog 'Tokuko's 365 days of pep talk for NMT') because there are no translated NMT books in the world and the NMT doctors are only in Japan.

Tokuko's Room To Feel Uplifted (English Version)

Tokuko's 365 Days of Pep Talk for NMT (This blog)

Also, due to COVID 19, a lot of lecture meetings in Japan were canceled so I started YouTube channel.  I highly recommend you watch them to get NMT correct knowledge.  I added both English and Japanese subtitles.

YouTube 【Tokuko's Room】

For your further understandings, to learn it in the Facebook closed groups is essential. 
Members have to read the
Announcements tab first in the 
'NMT Education Group'. It shows the guidance.  And you can learn the healing process visually in 'The NMT Healed Club'.

NMT (No Moisturizing Treatment) Education Group (Facebook)

The NMT Healed Club (Facebook)

***Please answer 3 questions to get approval because our groups need to protect members from the stress that affects each one's symptoms.

world 589071In Dr. Sato's hospital, everybody gets well from TSW within 3 months but as I keep telling sufferers in the world, it is
kind of difficult to do NMT quite the same with inpatients, so it may take longer than them but there are already tons of sufferers who accomplished it within 3 months among serious readers too.

It is up to you
how strict trying to do it for faster healing though I know it depends on your situation to achieve it, of course.  Try to do it as much closer as possible.
For your faster healing with NMT,
YOU' need to be a master in the current world's situation.

To provide NMT doctors' amazing work for world sufferers, I also keep working very hard every day and will keep making efforts for your healing, meaning, I'll be here with you.  You also need to make efforts for your faster healing. 

P.S.  Below articles are 'Must-Read' for the basic understandings.

★The Basic Knowledge For Adults and Children/Babies  

How to get over TSW asap!  (There are other language versions at the bottom.)

What can be Moisturizers? - For Fellows Launching No Moisturizing Treatment

What Would Happen After You Recovered from TSW? How Your Atopic Dermatitis/Eczema Would Heal?

★The Helpful Information For Children/Babies

The Key Tips of NMT For Babies and Children

Healing Happens For Kids and Babies with NMT

A Message for the Parents with Atopic Dermatitis Children, From A Used-To-Be Mummy Baby

***The water restriction is not recommended for under 6 or sufferers who have other sickness or pregnants, etc...Check with your trustful doctors.

Hang in there.
Healling happens to you too!

***Below article also will help you.
Is It NMT?

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